Under One Sky - Winter Support For The Homeless

Superman Mikkel (on the left) creating joy

Superman Mikkel (on the left) creating joy

No, I definitely don`t want to take credit for this. It`s all down to Mikkel who has been attracting so many people to join the group representing a good cause. He has been putting so much energy and effort in to it, to put it together in order to make a difference.

Who else could describe the group better than Mikkel:

Szilvi and her lovely Hungarian cheese biscuits

Szilvi and her lovely Hungarian cheese biscuits

"During the winter we hand out gift cards, clothing, sleeping bags, meals, books and messages of hope and light to the homeless. The gift cards can be used to buy tents, winter clothing or other life necessities.  

Under One Sky was founded on the principle that humanity is ONE family…we are brothers and sisters regardless of nationality, race, religion, class or any other label." - Mikkel Juel Iversen

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive” Dalai Lama

With the ever optimistic "Ginger"

With the ever optimistic "Ginger"

From my side, I`m just truly happy that I can be part of it and it just became one of those things that we need to pass on, to spread the magic. The group comes together twice in winter to be split in to small teams and hit the streets of London and look out for rough sleepers. We don`t just hand out meals, gift cards and other necessities. We spend time with them, we have a chat, we listen to them, we try lifting up their spirit. As they say this is the biggest gift for them around Christmas time that they can feel human again, that they`re not being looked down or even being invisible. That`s where the magic happens. I wish I had been there from the beginning. It has started out with a few friends. Can you imagine?

Members of the group often take their children out on these nights to educate them to take care of the ones in need and to teach them compassion. Thank you, Mikkel!

I consider this as an important part of my own growth. Definitely.

Under One Sky:

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The one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.
— Albert Schweitzer

Score so far

  • Within a few years we have supported more than 2500 people 
  • The group has more than 400 volunteers
  • Pulled 5 people in from the street helping to get a place to live and a job to provide
  • Made quite a few good friends

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