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Enjoy these clips about the Uganda International Marathon from 2016 and 2017. The first one is ours! Oh, plus the safari video. The 3rd one is the official promo video by Dave Cornthwaite. Not bad. Haha.

I want to be there. Now! 

Uganda International Marathon. A Race Like No Other. Really - 2017. Tough, hilly but lovely run with a week of bonding with the locals and other runners. A charity, an adventure, an experience for a lifetime. Campfire, wildshower, kindness, laugh, beautifully green scenery, kids, kids and kids with their simple happiness.

Szilvi`s first video ever. Of course it`s about one of her favourite bits in Africa: a safari. 


"In June 2016 I ventured back to Uganda as official filmmaker for the Uganda Marathon, a week-long charity extravaganza in Masaka. Here's the final edit."

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Video credit: Dave Cornthwaite

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