"Running 42 km and facing myself - these just quietly sneaked up on to my bucket list. I also said sometimes "I could do it". Big mouth. Now, I can prove myself, here is the chance.
The Uganda Marathon is a 7 day challenge on the Equator culminating in A Race Like No Other. With likeminded fellas from all around the world I'll join 3000 runners from Uganda to take on a full Marathon distance through a beautiful but tough rural course.
Is it going to be tough? What? Dragging myself through the dirt and hills and the heat on the Equator? After the rainy season, when the humidity is above average? Far from my comfy bed, living in a tent for a week? Haha. Oh, my word, how impatiently I'm looking forward to it.
The extra challenge? Knowing that my lungs weren't exactly healthy in my childhood, I had to spend some time in hospitals and in a sanatorium. Coming from a past where I was such a weak and small child that I wasn't allowed to start school at the age of 6 (I was 14 kg out of the minimum of 20 kg). Yet I've been playful and positive and handsome, of course. Knowing that I was destroying myself with smoking for a while and I still don't really want to completely say "no" to a bohemian lifestyle, because that is also me.
And now, here I am, peacefully going to "war". I love it."
- That was me in February, 2017

This event is the largest fundraising charity in Ugandan history. The money raised is supporting local communities' development projects. Simple things: books for schools, solar systems for cutting energy bills, kitchens to provide more food for kids in the schools. To provide higher education, better care for disabled children, medical care with maternity care, a bigger chance to fight against HIV / AIDS. Programs for women's equality, accessible clean water for everyone, building a well and water pump system, so that the kids no longer need to walk 5 km each day to fetch water. Simple things what we automatically take granted and can't imagine that somewhere people's problems start here.
It's fantastic that as a runner I witnessed first-hand the positive impact that the donations facilitating. It was incredibly exciting to visit and connect with those people whose lives we tried to change.
So, yes. An ultimate epic challenge. A Race Like No Other. In Africa. 

It was fantastic to see you guys achieving your goals! You truly have big hearts!

- Tamas Farkas, Friend, Photographer


  • Participated in Bugabira School's success

  • Finished the marathon - yaaay!

  • Pushed ourselves to the limit and broke down some mental boundaries

  • Got in the team as volunteers to be back in Uganda in 2018, to be responsible for the runners' happiness, to be part of such a unique event

  • Realized how beautiful Africa is, how friendly the people are and how little we know about the world

  • We're one step closer to be Citizens Of The World

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