Nowhere be like Africa!

This wedding anniversary was the best! We have had only two so far, but it’s definitely getting better every year. 
We went to Murchison Falls National Park for a safari, isn’t it great?? First we visited the only rhinos in Uganda in a sanctuary. It was supercool to be so close to those huge animals while they were chewing grass peacefully about 5 meters away from us. 
At night we stayed in a “banda” which is slightly better than a tent as has proper walls. We had some bugs and a pet lizard in the top corner when we arrived, but the staff said it’s totally harmless and we should just get on with it. We took him out anyway. This camping has such a great location, deep in the national park and just about a mile away from the Nile. So it happened on the first night that a hippo was walking through the car park next to the terrace where we’re having drinks and slowly walked into the bushes. All this only 2 meters away from us, AWESOME! Holding our breath, watching an enormous hippo walking by casually.
We had an early start on the next day, but I was full of excitement to see all the wild animals of the savannah. First we crossed the Nile on the ferry and jumped into our open roof safari car. Thousands of antelopes, everywhere where you can see and all other species turned up one by one while the sun came up. Giraffes getting breakfast, buffalos walking in herds to the water and warthogs running all over the place. Due to their short memory, they can’t remember which way they wanted to go on the first place. There was a lonely hyena, trying to hunt and a jackal running by. We were lucky enough to see the king of all, the lion. Probably after having lunch as he’s got a huge belly. An elephant baby was playing with the birds which was so adorable.
After a few hours of getting used to all the animals around, we had a cruise on the Nile. Spectacular views from the river, everything is so green and leafy, as you would imagine a jungle. You feel so close to the wildlife, to the hippos, sunbathing in the shallow water and the crocodiles on the bank. I can’t describe the beauty of this place, it’s unbelievably stunning. Last stop was on the Nile where from we were heading up to the top of the falls by foot. It was a bit of a walk, but well worth it. On the second night we had another visitor in the camping, a warthog. It seems busy around here in the evenings J
The next morning with aching heart, but full of lovely memories we had to get back to the airport and fly back to our “normal” life. It’s boring, without any wild animals around. (except the neighbour’s cat, which doesn’t let me to touch her)
I can’t be happier to go on this adventure, I learned a lot, expanded my mind, got out of my comfort zone and came back with the best memories. I would recommend to everyone to try it.
Now, watch the video! Enjoy!


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