Yes Stories - My marathon to Africa


YesStories is Say Yes More's monthly event designed to inspire to action with tales of success, adventure, daring to dream and overcoming adversity. So, being a bit shy in a new environment, we were sitting somewhere in the last rows watching, listening those speakers, adventurers. Average guys who created something extraordinary out of the ordinary. For example scooting in Japan for charity and fun: 

Oh, watch this, too:

So, here this got me to hit rock bottom. I was crying inside for a life like this. I hardly slept in the next few days as I went crazy in my head (yeah, it was way beyond my usual insanity). I'm close to live a tipical life like millions preparing for with studying, getting a safe job with reasonable salary, buying a car then a house, getting married, having children, growing old. It's all nice, don't get me wrong, but there is much more than this. I love this show and I don't want to miss it. (This guy is high again...just go get that mortgage like everyone else).
And then a flashback. On the Yes Stories night I saw this promo in the Gents: Uganda International Marathon. Actually this is what I need: An adventure, a challenge. To get far away from my everyday territory, from myself and then find my way back. To experience something new and meet like-minded fellas from all around the world and grow with them for a week. The icing on the cake: it's all charity, it's all for good cause.
But it's hard. It's a marathon and I don't even like running. Oh, and it's bloody expensive and there is just too much of a hassle (vaccinations, visa, preparation, training, etc).
"Ah, it's not my thing" - said by the voices in my head. "Stay in the comfort zone, you'll come up with something else." Ok, I convinced myself but not my other half: "Oh, nooo! Why? F*ck should do that". In my head again: "F*ck, she knows that I need this and even she is not in this adventure (yet), she wants me to go for it." Let's be a man, then.

I said "Yes!" I did the first step. Long journey with so many obstacles, but everything will lay out nicely as the time goes by. I don't know how, but everything will be sorted. I'll do my best. And I'm not alone in it. We're doing it together. Szilvi and Me.

I'm happy to take all sorts of encouragement, messages and even financial support (easy way:

Help me to be able to give my very best. Be part of my journey, be part of other's lives.


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