Yesss, it's here!


Yesss! One week to go and I'm out of here, flying to Uganda. The adventure I've been waiting for is around the corner. After months of training, running (a lot), picking up injuries (a lot), then treating them (a lot), cycling (a lot), stretching, foam rolling, ice bathing and never regretting, it's time.

Preparation is on the next level now: getting my head ready, preparing mentally, meditating, strengthening my mind. Also eating clean, fueling with carbs.
But most importantly I just want to enjoy that 10 days in Africa.



It's not about running a marathon, that is only the icing on the cake, just a small part of it. It is much more than that. I raised money for Ugandan charity with your help (thank you), I will be spending a week in the "Athletes village" on a hilltop campsite, sleeping in my own tent (actually Laci's, thanks!), staying with more than a 100 like minded runners from all around the world. I'll get a taste from Uganda through meeting, bonding with the locals, working with them on their development projects, relaxing around the campfire every night and watching the sunrise in the mornings. Oh, and I can't wait for the "Kids run wild" day when we're gonna organize a "fun day" for local children (way more than 100), then chill around a lake. That week is going to be something unique. I'm really excited about it, especially that I know nobody there yet, but hoping for making new friends, too. Oh, and by the way on the last day after a breakfast at 4:30 in the morning, I'll run (or crawl) 42K and closing the week with a fiesta! So, that is what I'm going for, yes, me, an average guy from a small Hungarian town, called Kazincbarcika.
Finally we have all the vaccinations, we got our visas and the right selection of running supplements:


Ready to go. Finally, the adventure is just about to begin and hopefully it is just going to be a new habit, a hobby for us. You know, going on adventures. Life is just awesome, you only need to make sure not to miss the show. Less work, less talk, less planning, more action.


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