Why am I doing this?

My dad is my idol. I've never seen a better man than him. As most boys I also tried to mimic my dad so I wanted to be as good to people as he is. Helpful who is always there for others even if he is tired because he just finished work or if he has a million other things to do. He is honest, truthful and unbelievably selfless.
He tought me to be a good boy even if sometimes I didn't want to be.
Oh, and those TV series in my childhood which admittedly still comes back sometimes? Starsky and Hutch, Dukes of Hazzards, Dragonball Z, Knight Rider, G. I. Joe, etc. Beyond the low standard-entertainment those are always about how the good wins over the bad. About justice. Through aggression and fun, yes. But, seriously, what shall I watch? Frozen and The Care Bears? I'm a man!!! ...or...at least a boy.
I started believing that I can be useful. That's why I was so passionate about taking part in a politicial movement for years. I still had hope that we could change something after I had learnt that the whole political circus is just bullsh*t and it's clearly not about the people but their votes. There are some good intentions from players in the background (I was one of them) but they never get to the front.


I'm far from being a saint, it's not about that. Simply just good to be good and do the right things in this often uneven world.
Some of you might be just angry with the world because it's not like you want it to be. Then be the change. Some of you might think, "oh, it's not my problem", or "I have enough to take care of" or "It's not my duty to solve these". But we all live on the same planet and if you have the chance and the ability to help, even just to put a smile on someone's face then don't wait for others.
I do this sometimes because I can. So can you, so why don't you? I don't get it. It's not such a big deal to do something good. It does not mean that we all need to be some sort of samaritans, but most of us surely have spare energy and time to care others and I think it's just simply selfish not to do so. I know that career and the close family is important but we can't ignore the rest of the world. Some need a new home or "just" food, clean water, education, etc., some need only an uplifting chat, or a smile and most of us surely can spare some.
Most people see the world through the news on TV or on the internet. Don't be wondered if you are stressed and terrified of the world as they give you only the drama to keep you terrified in your chair. They don't want to lose audience with boring news about some nice things happening. So, you can get what you want, the drama, and now you can be terrified in 24/7 but beleive me: The world is much much more beatiful and colourful place than that, just go out there and see it for yourself. It's full of good and interesting people.


 Now, I'm not just preparing for running in Africa but raising money for a school over there. I'm going to visit this school, meet those kids and teachers and try to help them anywhere I can during those few days in Uganda. Then I'll be back and will enjoy the summer: friends, holidays, festivals, Guns 'n' Roses gig, etc. Then I'm sure I'll find something new for me. Another challenge, another chance to be useful.
Everyone has a "bad boy" or "bad girl" side. That's fun, keep it in the bedroom and try to express your "good part" sometimes. The good night sleep is guaranteed.

Levi writes for and about his lust for a life that rocks. Often shares his latest explorations and theories of life and mindset. Believer, idealist, rebel philosopher and a Yes-ser. Mostly speaks his mind .png

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