Ups and downs...

Hah, I haven't posted for a while now, but last weekend I was on lazy mode (after my weekly long run of course). Actually I really liked it.


Our friends, Felix and Lorena spared some of their precious time with us, so we were just eating Chinese food and drinking beer, watching a movie (Sausage Party), oh and took a trip to Seven Sisters Cliffs. Fun weekend that was.

This week I turned 36. This is the number I have to say when someone asks me how young I am, e.g. doormen at bars, cashiers in supermarkets when I'm buying alcohol or cigarettes (really rare) or colleagues who are crying out from midlife problems (mortgage, new house and cars and more loan with the midlife crisis) already in their late 20's, early 30's. I'm just a surprise in their lives showing that you don't need to get old that fast and live an unnecessary stressful life. The next question is: What's your secret? You don't look more than 26-28... My answer is: positive thinking, sport, whiskey and lots of sex, haha.
Anyways, thank you very much for the birthday wishes, really loved them.


Look, this is a 3 story pizza, created and baked by Szilvi. Isn't it amazing? You just can't imagine how delicious it was. The best present ever. Even better than the other surprise that she organized (NOT): we're going to spend the first weekend in May in the Scottish Highlands with hiking and visiting a famous whiskey distillery, maybe a castle and also giving a try to get to the top of GB, the Ben Nevis. 
Awesome! But the pizzacake...nomnomnom.

Now, please give a big round of applause to everybody who contributed in the fundraising campaign. I reached my target and raised more than 500 GBP. This money goes to the Bugabira School and other development projects in Uganda. Of course, we can raise more, there is always room for more help, so just click here if you feel like donating. Thank you.


During these "boring" days we keep pushing it and training as hell. This week we did our first hill runs in Northolt, recap below.

I thought it would be painful but actually we did enjoy it. Oh, and during the warm up we did some planking and I was called out by some boys (12 years old maybe), so taking the challenge we were planking against time and each other. I showed them who's the boss. They were out over only 1 minute...come on! Anyway, it was a good laugh and they were friendly chaps.
What else happened? Oh, I have more and more injuries, I might be pushing it a bit too hard. So, I tried the ice bath. I was sitting in ice cold water (boosted by 4kg of ice cubes) in the bathtub. No, there are no pictures. But it was "fun" and effective.
Now, it's time to get healed quickly (that right knee...) and carry on next week.


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