Pain will pass, Pride will last

Here is my second post as it’s May already. Time flies by and I will just realize I’m boarding the plane to Uganda! What an amazing adventure waiting for us.
In the last couple of months we have been training a lot with Levi, also by myself. Honestly, training alone is just a bit tricky, it’s hard to push myself. I miss my trainer, Natasha…. she made me to leave my comfort zone for sure. I recommend everyone to try working out with a GOOD! trainer once and will see the difference. It changed a lot on my routine and to realize how much more I’m capable of. Otherwise you just do the same old workout, it worked well before, it’s easy to do now. On the other hand, it’s not challenging anymore, but that’s fine, who wants to snarl and sweat during workout?? ME!! 
Working with weights makes me feel strong and I have to say, I enjoy these days more than running days…I’m sorry, it’s a short time to fall in love with running. 
I am proud of myself anyway, week by week I run longer and last weekend I could get to 12km. Yaaay! Which is quite an achievement for someone, who couldn’t get to 4km before  I was watching videos how to improve my running technique, speed up, how to breathe properly, etc.


I need to stretch all the time, I was told by the physio guy: the kind of legs Levi and I have are not made for running. Nice, it makes it a real challenge. Anyway, if everything goes according to plan I will be able to do the half-marathon instead of 10k in Uganda.
I still do my strengthening workout once a week, you can see some moves here with not too heavy weights. By the way, note for the girls, accidently my vest matches with a coloured line on my shoes. Honestly, feels good the wear vivid colours during workout and I read this on a training page on Facebook: “I don’t care what I wear during workout, but if my sport bra accidentally peeps out, its colour has to match with my socks”. This is exactly how I feel, girls want to look presentable even during workout .

Last weekend, after I got over my happiness running my first 10km ever, we went to watch the “pros” on the London Marathon. Man, they run fast! I was surprised watching how they glide one by one, with an unbelievable speed. Unbelievable for me anyway, as they were finishing their 42km way within 4 hours. Then arrived the runners with “normal speed”, some faces in pain. The crowd was amazing though, everyone was cheering, clapping, waving flags and banners.
It had a great vibe, I even got emotional when I saw people almost dragging themselves and how they got strength from cheering and shouting their names by the spectators. It must be a great feeling when you’re running low and then suddenly you hear your own name, strangers encouraging you to not give up. “Amazing job! Keep it going, you can do it!” 
I love this attitude.

For me the most exciting moment was when we spotted our friend, Emily running by. We shouted her name and started clapping and she waved back, looking happy to see us too. I’m glad we could “help” her keep it up until the end of the race.
We will take a short break soon, going for trekking in the Highlands. Nice change from running and it’s really tough. We definitely will post some photos of our struggle in the wind and fog up there.

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