How I train - Video

It's time to give some insight about my preparation. If you find it boring then just watch the video before clicking away. Anyway I try to keep it short.
At this stage I try to build up my weekly mileage with easy and long runs. With the long ones I aim to get my body used to being used longer (that's a nice sentence). The target is to be able to run at least 20 miles at the end of May. On the race I'll get the energy to do the rest from my willpower, my enthusiasm, from the scenery and from the magic of running in Africa.
I have one interval session, too to build up some endurance and teach my body to recover quickly. Basically it consists of 10 rounds of 100 m sprints (which I wouldn't call sprints after seeing myself struggling) with 30-45 seconds rest.
Kettlebell trainings are also important part of my training. That nice little piece of kit is really effective to strenghten your whole body within an hour. You just need to learn how to use it and how to build up a session according to your goals. Main benefit for me is:  joint mobility, core and lower back strenght. I use 20 and 24 kg ones.
Many think that running is just running but actually it requires a well composed body posture, strong core, back and shoulders (not to mention strong legs) in order to use less energy for keeping your head and upper body up, holding your arms so that you have spare energy to run longer.

Saturday mornings are my regular thai boxing trainings. Purely for fun with nice guys. This time it was more about technique (pair work), some bag and pad work finishing with 100 side kicks per leg. Actually with the left it was 104, they miscounted it and forced me to finish. Bastards.
As we're getting closer to the adventure I'll replace either my strenght or my thai boxing training (haven't decided yet) with an extra run per week.

Summerizing my week:
Monday - rest (work of course...)
Tuesday - easy run - 4.5 miles
Wednesday - Kettlebell ( 3 rounds of: 20 x swings - 5 x squats - 10 x bent row, 3 rounds of: 7 x dead KB snatches - 10 x double KB swings, 3 rounds of: 8 x long cycle per hand (hang clean + pushpress), 3 rounds of: 10 x abwheel rolls - 20 press ups - 20 double crunches)
Thursday - Interval session - 10 x 100m "sprints" with 30-45 seconds rest
Friday - rest - Cinema actually - Beauty and the Beast (Nice, but so long with so many*t)
Saturday - thai boxing
Sunday - long run - 12 miles this time

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