What happened last week?

Ok, so obviously a week off is always just a snap, especially when you prepare for doing many things, meeting many people and you`re busier than the Mayor of Kolorcity. But still, wtf?
Sleeping and relaxing just simply disappear from the priority ladder and so does healthy eating, regular exercising.


But I still managed to do a quick EMS session, thanks for Xfinity Studio – Kazincbarcika and a HIIT session few days later just to avoid compunction: 10 press ups, 10 burpees, 10 air squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 tuck jumps, 20 sit ups in total of 10 rounds without rest. That was all the physical activity beyond lifting glasses and bottles filled with "joy".
Needless to say that the alcohol level in my body easily reached the red zone by the end of the week, my liver was screaming. This is when you stay with friends for the weekend. Drinking here and there to this and to that, live concert, karaoke party, pizza and kebab. Then after 4 hours of “relaxing” sleep, repeat the process with taking the sleep out of the loop: from the party back to the house at sunrise to grab my stuff and one last strong coffee before heading straight to the airport. You know, just to make every moment count on your last night of your holiday. Nice.


I wouldn`t say that this was the highlight of the week, neither was to visit some old friends and their families but definitely enjoyed those moments, too. What energized me was to spend some time with my family. We went to see some nice castles, churches and the beautiful scenery of that part of Hungary, the Danube Bend. The occasion: Mum and Dad are having their 41st ! wedding anniversary. Outstanding. My dad said he was going to marry mum again on the 50th. Not long to go.  Those 3 days were fantastic!
- Now, have a rest, enjoy, celebrate and start planning the next trip. Happy Anniversary!
And now? I`m barely surviving. Here again, in London, suffering from some festival depression, working, setting up my mind for the next 3 months. Training, preparation. My big adventure is on the way. Aaand here it comes: this thought just brought the excited smile back on my face with a feeling that something big is just about to happen.


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