So, it's my project, too

I still can’t believe I’m going to Uganda…. It’s an extremely exciting and scary adventure at the same time. 
I heard about this race before, my friend ran the Uganda Marathon last year and I thought “That’s the spirit! I wish I could be brave enough to do something like that!” She was the one who shared the
YesStories (Click) event too and I’m so glad we went there.
Listening to these speakers gives you the goosebumps sometimes , how they managed to do all those amazing adventures like jumping more than 2000 times from 16000 feet with parachute or running the marathon on the North Pole!! And then you realize you are just like them, you don’t need anything but courage to make the first step towards something new.  You don’t have to figure all out at the beginning, you can always change the destination of your journey, just make the very first step. 
And here it is. I did it! I will go to Uganda with Levi to make an adventure of a lifetime. I’m so proud of us already. But especially him, he’s the one spending the whole week there volunteering and running the marathon. Though I’ll be there to support him all the way and cheering for him after I finished my 10k.
If you think running 10k is easy, well…. we will see in those conditions. I have never been to the Equator, so I can’t even imagine the humidity and temperature combo over there. Luckily, if I change my mind and I feel that 10k was nothing, I will just keep running until I get to the finish line of the half marathon distance. Writing these lines, I’m kind of convincing myself about this already.
It took me courage to sign up for the 10K to be honest, as I’m not a runner, I mostly train with kettlebells or working with weights, so I’m challenging myself with the running itself. 
But what would encourage you more than looking at a photo like this:


Now the training has been started and we will share more about how we prepare our body and mind for the “Big Run”. 
It’s a fantastic feeling to know that taking part in the Uganda Marathon charity you can change the locals’ lives. All those things we think are essential for our day to day life, is something they just dream of. Like having clean water, medical care or education. So this is the opportunity to give something back and be there to make the change happen. 
As I said, we did our first step and we`d like you to be part of the adventure and help them through us. Follow our blog, enjoy, comment and share if you like.

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