The ultimate goal, the alpha and the omega, what we meant to live for. Everybody wants that, there is no surprise here. But we tend to lose track on it, sit back, accept our situation and convince ourselves that everything is good as it is. Of course, it is easier than overcome our fears, doubts and work for it. But, we`re not only here to survive, we`re here to create and enjoy life. 

Be yourself. Always. Don`t live your life according to anyone else`s expectation. Live your own life, seek your own path, find your own way and yourself. Don`t be a hostage in your own life, have some goals and dreams, own thoughts and feelings and make mistakes. Your life is all about you.

To be yourself no matter what, to be honest and work for your happiness when we`re all judged by others in every corner takes courage. To leave your comfort zone behind, to face with challenges and adversities or to welcome every change in your life takes courage. To be present, to not be afraid of what`s coming, to not being stuck in the past takes courage. To live your own life takes courage.



A true friend is like a brother for life. Always be there for them and so will they be for you.

This is your main source, gives you strength, courage. All you need to do is to give them love. Family is one of the most important treasure in life.

Passion. Being in love with another person is fantastic. Expend this to your whole life, be in love with life itself, be passionate about it, don`t just sit back. Enjoy it. I love life.

...and now I would deserve a front cover photo in the Life Magazine.

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