How much is Thailand?

Salty hair is freedom

Salty hair is freedom

Have you read our previous post about how we lived in Phuket? Ok, do it quickly HERE, then come back. Here are the numbers! Hi, it’s Levi here.

And it`s Szilvi typing in Italic. We wanted to give you some insights about our costs, we know that’s what everybody’s interested about. We kept our costs low in the beginning, so these are all the necessities really.

Don’t forget, it’s not a holiday, we live here. So no partying, no drinking, no smoking. No strict rules on these, we’re not being hard on ourselves, we just don’t feel like going for them…I only had like 8 beers so far, which is less than 1 can a week. By the way, booze is expensive here.

Also, less “holiday-like” activities. But I’m sure I don’t need to convince you about how much we love it here, how many beautiful places we went to only for the scenery, the sunshine and for the awesome food. Just have a look at these PICTURES. Also, we eat out every single day at least once, so Szilvi doesn’t need to cook. What I miss sometimes, but it’s not worth it.

  • 60 day Visa (applied in the UK) - £25

  • 30 day visa extension - £46

  • Flight  (Budapest-Phuket one-way) - £280

  • Rabies vaccination - £170

  • Travel insurance - £30 / year

  • Condo - £290 / month

  • Bills - £43 / month

  • Scooter - £73 / month

  • Gasoline - £7

  • Mobile top up - £11 / month

  • Taxi (Airport-Kathu return) - £30

  • Groceries - £210 / month

  • Eating out - £122 / month (at the cheapest but friendliest local places)

  • Fruit - £24 / month

  • Drinking water - £5 / month

  • Wifi - £15 / month

  • Cash withdrawal fee - £5

  • Gym membership - £48 / month

  • Muay Thai training - £10/ session

  • Physiotherapy - £195/ 5 sessions

  • Hospital fee - £114

  • Local bus (Kathu-Patong) - £0.70/way/person

Of course, there were unexpected expenses, like the hospital fee and the physiotherapy, but still these were way cheaper than in the UK. Gym and training fees are included in our monthly costs, as it’s in our everyday life.

All-in-all, being here, living on a budget, but still enjoying Thailand very much (I can’t emphasize it enough) our average monthly expenses are around £530 per person. (visa fees, flight, vaccination, taxi are not included).

Here are a few more recommendations from us, pay attention as you can get discounts for your next trip!

Screenshot of my Revolut   app

Screenshot of my Revolut app


Revolut A very useful mobile phone tool for everyone who’s traveling. You can manage your money, exchanges, transactions, withdrawals, and paying by card abroad without any ( or very little) fees and with the best exchanging rates. Have a look here.

Skyscanner Find the best flight options here, match them and compare the prices and airlines.

Trivago Search and compare accommodations from the best sites. Use this link to get a reward of £15 (even if you’ve booked with them before) * Only the first 10 people get DISCOUNT *

Airbnb Here’s the link again to get a nice DISCOUNT.

My best tips on finding the best places and maximizing your experience is to Search Smart!

  • If possible, search in English! Regardless of the topic, there are tons and tons of information out there in English, way more than in any other languages. Every topic is widely covered.

“Google in English, 55% of the world’s webpages are written in English...The next most widely used language on the internet being Russian (which constitutes just 6% of pages). Knowledge of English therefore allows you to tap into far more of the world’s intellectual resources.” - Oxford Royale

  • Whatever you want to find, google it as “The best sg” or “The most blabla sg”. There are tons of blogs out there collecting all the stuff you need. Basically they do the research for you and provide relevant, first-hand information. For example: “the best hidden beaches in phuket” or “the best free camera apps for iphone”, you get it.

Always read the reviews, pay attention to the negative ones. They can give you a good insight and help you decide. Sometimes the sticklers can be really amusing.

Christmas Sushi - Chopsticks handling - beginner level

Christmas Sushi - Chopsticks handling - beginner level

As this is not a European country, please do your research on local customs, do’s and don'ts and always respect them. Here we’re guests, the least we can do is to adjust a little bit.

Curiosity is a must have attitude. Try to live like a local, to get a more authentic experience, this is the best way to get to know this country and its people.

Wherever you travel, it’s more than just relaxation. It’s about making new memories and giving you a perspective. Don’t look for faults, don’t judge, be open and observe, try new things. Don`t look for things from your own country, you’re here to enjoy a different one.

Szilvi and Levi are an adventurous couple, who stepped on to the constant improvement's path, feeding their lust for a life that rocks. While seeking their purpose, starting from a small Hungarian town, th.jpg

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