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December it is now. It just doesn`t feel like it. Here everything is green, the AC is on 24/7, the temperature outside is above 32 degrees. I don`t wear thermos socks, jumper, coat, hat and gloves. Ok, I wear gloves but only on trainings. Those are boxing gloves. Other than that mostly flip-flops, shorts, sunglasses, suncream. You should see this huuuge smile on my face. First time in my life I`m surviving the winter somewhere warm and I don`t even miss real winter at all. Not even a tiny bit.

Wow, man!

Wow, man!

After two weeks, sweating became normal and we are setting up a new daily routine. That includes sunbathing and swimming too, how cool is that?! I mean, in December? If you’re from Australia for example, that’s not surprising for you, but in Hungary the temperature is way below zero already.

It`s so warm, it`s so different that my morning routine (point number 2 HERE) has apparently gone out the window. The main reason: there is no proper cold water for the daily cold shower. I`ve got to come up with something to get my days started.


I don’t feel that Christmas is around the corner, even though you can find many Christmas trees in the shopping centres. Still, no festive feeling, whatsoever. As I love Christmas, I still want to put some decoration on. I’m not going to feel sorry for ourselves just because it’s not the “usual” celebration, it’s part of our new lifestyle now and we have to make some alterations, it will be great, I know.

For now, the middle of Phuket island is our home far from tourists, in a condo with a little gym and a swimming pool. It`s not like a holiday or at least not yet. We try not to live off our savings so quick like if it was a vacation, but still it just feels so good not having to go to work waiting for another freezing, miserable weekend. I`m not saying we don`t have stuff to do. We`re spending hours every day polishing our online profiles and making sure we have a professional presence on the web`s job markets, doing little English community work and searching for profitable projects to take on. Results will follow.

Eating is the new superpower

Eating is the new superpower

Updating my CV feels weird, I haven’t touched it for a few years, now I try to squeeze in every bit of information what can help to find the work I want. I’m glad now I have a few things to “show off”, and I hope my new clients will appreciate these. However, I have to learn much more to be a winner on this competitive market. Somehow, I believe I have a chance. But for this, I need to be more persistent not to sink into my comfortable lifestyle right now. Oh, it would be so much easier though. No worries, being determined is what I have be right now.

But the “little” changes, the small new things just brighten up the days. Eating delicious thai meals every single day in the local (not fancy, not touristy) restaurants where the already familiar, smiley faces waving from far is awesome. I also got the same welcomes from coaches and training partners at the gym.

Usual stuff: buying fruits and making friends

Usual stuff: buying fruits and making friends

The other day I was buying fruit at a stand nearby and the lady started chatting with me, only a few sentences with very basic English, but I felt so welcomed. After I paid and said thanks, she held my hand for a few seconds while she was smiling at me. It was amazing, I felt that she’s not nice because I’m a tourist, it was a genuine gesture and it meant a lot to me.

It`s sunny, warm, healthy, safe (apart from the few dogs around food stalls), authentic but also modern. The language barriers can be annoying sometimes and Phuket can feel like a tropical Russia around tourist hotspots (not the friendliest people).

After two weeks all I can say that I like being here and I believe it can only get better, but it needs our flexibility to accept we are not in London or not even in Europe. There are different rules here, not better or worse, but different. We only need to see the best side of it.

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