33 Most Inspirational Movies We Love

Yes, we love movies! Period! They take you to another world, they are short getaways from daily lives. They give you romance, adventures, experience and if you can handle them right, they can be hope, they can be inspiration. They are life hacks. Every time you don’t want anything else but switching off by watching a movie, an inspirational one can put you back on track while you’re relaxing. Here 30 most inspirational movies we love. Only the favourites. Only in this category. No spoilers, no real order below. Don’t forget: Szilvi writes in Italic, the other one is me, Levi.

  1. Captain Fantastic

Dare to be different, be real, be brave! I love it, always has me between tears and smiles! Full of must know messages!

Another way of raising kids.

2. Interstate 60

Funny, unique journey to find ourselves, our true ways and potentials by not following anybody else in this world but our gut feelings regardless how crazy those may sound.

It’s a funny movie, but shows us how not to let anyone to lead our life if we want to be happy.

3. Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Wake up and start living your dreams! Simple, funny but still a lesson for the whole family! Plus: we recognised some places where we’ve been!

Don’t expect a huge drama here, but still it shows how thin the difference is between dreams and reality if you get a tiny bit of courage to act upon them.

4. The Greatest Showman

Cheesy musical with many truths sung along, always puts me in an optimistic, positive, good mood! I love singing it, no shame about that! This is me!

I love musicals and this is the most spectacular one.

5. The Bucket List

Always, always follow your goals, your dreams, love the people around you, keep extending your bucket list and grab life by its balls because it won’t last forever! Live, man! Live!

Don’t wait for life to force you to live before it all ends. Live the life you want, every day.

6. Big Fish

A Tim Burton-directed imagination, adventure and fiction. The sweetest movie about father and son relationship, about bravery, tales and fantasy. Uplifting and sobbing are guaranteed.

It’s a must for Tim Burton fans. Let it taking you to its world. I think everyone has a dad or grandad like in this movie, who’s telling wild stories and we are just amazed by them.

7. Patch

This movie is a teacher, a lesson. Love, smile and care! The result will be outstanding. “Be thankful that you’re alive and then look around who else is at the party!”

It’s a beautiful movie, but have tissues at hand.

8 The walk

True story. That determination, that commitment is incredible! Regardless how silly the idea is, following it through no matter what makes you a truly living soul!

Even if many says you’re a fool, there’s always some to support and believe in you. Surround yourself with them and make your dreams come true.

9. Cast Away

Toughest life lesson on screen! Not giving up, achieving the goal only to see that there is more to conquer. The show must go on and must not quit but being strong enough to start it over and over again if necessary.

It’s a Tom Hanks movie. Enough said.

10. The Blind Side

Sweet, true story about never giving up on somebody else just because of the person’s colour, background. Everyone has hidden potentials. A lovely family story. Still following the real guy on Insta.

True story. Everyone has to have a chance to show their best self.

11. Pay it forward

Be good. Just be good and make others be good. That’s the only way.

Do some good, even for strangers. You might change their lives forever.

12. Freedom Writers
I love this highschool movies especially with the ghetto feeling where it turns out that nobody’s faith is written. We write and direct our lives. Another awesome true story!

A great story to show that we should give up on anyone without trying.

13. The Man From Earth
This is a different category. Simply shows us not to believe everything we’re told or taught. Never follow a system and keep thinking! Always! Think and be critical!

It’s an interesting one. It’s tough when someone’s questioning everything what is thought to be basic.

14. Fight Club
First thought: Fuck the world! I want to live my own life and I want to fight my own fights and I want to be free from this fake world’s bullshit! “I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I'm free in all the ways that you are not.”

Crazy and sane at the same time.

15. As It Is In Heaven
Swedish masterpiece. It feels so close with the village bigger and smaller problems while it shows you the small things we forget to appreciate.

Looks very real how a small community react to the arrival of a “stranger”. Even if he’s got good intentions.

16. Hook

It’s a must-see! We all grow up and forget about our dreams and our most important task: playing this life! We should never let our biggest treasure, the inner child go away.

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

17. Hotel Rwanda
Being brave and being human. Nicely timed lesson when humanity persecutes its own people just because they have different colour, religion, political views even when they’re fleeing from violence. Fucking shame! This movie is a good reminder!

Sad and outrageous. Learn some humanity.
18. Peaceful Warrior

Obviously the book is waaay more better but for me, this was the spark leading to that turning point when I realized that I didn’t intend to live my own life and was after so many things that weren’t important to me. That’s where the conscious self improvement started. The book is a must!

“Everything has a purpose. Even this. And it’s up to you to find it.”

19. The Way

“You don’t choose life, you live one” Heartwarming. If you haven’t heard about the El Camino Trail, you’re gonna dream with it after this.

The way to find yourself and your part in the world.

20. Into The Wild

The ultimate “getting off the grid” soul-searching movie! True story. This fake world with all the money stuff is just not for everyone.

Lose yourself to find your true self.

21. Pleasantville
Funny little entertainment. Life is not black and white and boring. Only if you live it that way in a bubble, pleasing everyone and fitting into this rational, good citizen category.

I love this one! Evolve, get out of the box and see the world as colourful as it is.

22. Waking Life

Another movie about thinking and observing. It’s pure philosophy. It can be too much. But each topic, message can be dangerously eye-opening.

23. Yes Man
It is totally about living life to the fullest by saying yes to things that lead to another adventures.

Funny, but true. Have to say yes to life.
24. The Pursuit Of Happiness
A good dose of “Never give up and fight for your dreams”!

I think this is the best film from Will Smith.

25. The Good Lie
Again something about being human, caring the world, accepting differences. Makes my heart sing.

I watched this after coming back from Uganda and I understood it even more.

26. It’s A Wonderful Life
A Christmas movie from the 1940s. Cute little piece, again about being good and being human. Be good and make others be good, too.

Old Christmas movie about love, friendship, family.

27. Life Of Pi

An amazing tale with outstanding visuals. That sort of story which keeps lingering in you for days.

I love this one! Let the tiger free.
28. Good Will Hunting

My favourite topic: are you living up to your true potential? Don’t let your life slip away just to fit in. Brake out!

29. The Intouchables

Friendship, acceptance and happy tears.

A truly amazing film.
30. 127 Hours
Be positive always and do whatever it takes to go forward!

“There is no force on Earth more powerful than the will to live.“

31. Rush

Another “never give up” movie! Though Lauda was the hero here, still James Hunt’s character feels closer to me. The rebel, the Tyler Durden of Formula 1.

Speed, rivalry, Formula 1 and a great true story.

32. Soul Surfer
It’s a fresh experience. I love that this is not about the drama, the trauma it is more like the positivity and the courage. Yes, it is true story, too.

A good one about not giving up hope and dreams, even if that would be the easiest way.

33. Seven Pounds

Making a radical point of giving and sharing. It is good, but a bit overdramatic.

Lots of drama, but making its point.

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