Lust For Life!


I'm not a base jumper or a shark hunter. I'm not an elite athlete or a spiritual guru. I'm not a movie star or Superman (but yes, I look good, too). I'm not even more than you or anyone else.But I want more to life. I'm an adventurer or at least a "wannabe", who stopped aging (no, it's not an illusion) and want to achieve more because I know there is much more in this story. I want to feel that I'm alive and not just passing through the years here. I want to add something worthwhile to the world, to be part of it and play my script in it, to be useful. I want to live a fulfilled life, to see and experience as much as I can and enjoy every moment.

"Every time we do something new, we grow." - Dave Cornthwaite

As a beginner adventure-seeker I decided to run the Uganda International Marathon in 2017 and so did Szilvi, so we jumped into it together. Awesome. Quite a challenge and what a 10-day adventure it was in the Pearl of Africa. Since then a lot have been changed. We came alive.




There are things that I just need to work out of my system and share them, pass them on for the good.

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"Happiness is the measure of success"

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And we know we can’t go back again
To the world that we were living in
’Cause we’re dreaming with our eyes wide open
So, come alive!
— Come Alive - The Greatest Showman