Lust For Life!

Where it all started

Hi, it’s Szilvi and Levi, just an average life-loving couple. Ok, not that average. Our story meant to be average, something like after moving together, changing our small room at my parents’ to a small flat (with debt and mortgage) in the same small town, for years and years working in the same mediocre job what we don’t even like, buying a car and raising our kids.

Maybe going on a holiday once a year, and step-by-step letting our dreams go without knowing what’s out there or what else we could’ve achieved, being jealous of successful people and “knowing” the world and its people only from the news and from Facebook. Then closer to the end we`d be just wondering what if we’ve chosen to take the leap. What if we’ve been braver, more open and taken charge of our own lives? What if…

So, when the opportunity came up, we moved to London with one aim: to build a standard British life with decent jobs (and salaries), being active part of different communities and not being only immigrants. Only because we’re told it’s impossible. Yet we found home.

Szilvi and Levi, a life-loving couple, who started off in a small Hungarian town, through a decent life in London, then left the big city for creating a holiday-like one.

Szilvi and Levi, a life-loving couple, who started off in a small Hungarian town, through a decent life in London, then left the big city for creating a holiday-like one.

"Every time we do something new, we grow." - Dave Cornthwaite

What happened?

Well, a lot. The main one probably is that as beginner adventure-seekers and as non-runners, we decided to run the Uganda International Marathon in 2017, so we jumped into it together. Awesome. Quite a challenge and what a 10-day adventure it was in the Pearl of Africa. Since then a lot have changed. We came alive and started craving for our total freedom, leaving everything behind what we’ve worked for so hard.

Ordinary people don’t give up their security. But extraordinary people are willing to trade security and safety for the freedom to finally live a truly magnificent life.
— Anthony Moore

Who are we?

It’s hard to explain who we are and what it is simply because life is not black and white, especially not ours. We have a long journey behind us and an even longer one lays ahead. We consciously and constantly change. The mindset is the key for our maximum potential in life. We’re not just this or that, travellers, adventurers, bloggers, fitness-lovers or party-goers, these are all of the ways we live feeding our lust for a life that rocks.

We’re on an adventure. We live in South-East Asia and enjoy life, just because we love the sea, the food, the sunshine and because we can. No, we’re not special.

We do what everybody else does, we live, we work, we (will) raise a family, we grow old and we die. The difference is, that we try to make the most out of it and constantly pursue our own dreams.  

What we’ve done

Apart from quitting our jobs, selling everything and going for the unknown and the uncertain, we filled up our spare time with things like these:

  • Ran a marathon (and a half marathon) as non-runners, volunteered and were Team-, Clan leaders in Uganda during race week

  • Had shower in the mornings in the open-air eco-shower in Uganda with the nicest view ever and ate at markets where we would’ve been slapped in the face by our mums if they had seen it

  • As marshal ran the last 2K with 70-year old Bob, the DFL (Dead Fucking Last) of his marathon after cheering on the runners with the local police in the Uganda Marathon

  • Had pizza in Turin on the 1st wedding anniversary, went for a Safari in Uganda on the 2nd one and swam with dolphins in Zanzibar on the 3rd one

  • Drank scotch and got a little drunk cruising on the Loch Ness in Scotland

  • Travelled to Paris by Eurostar, dressed as a blond Elvis

  • Took an inevitable piss by the Eiffel Tower in a bush (Really sorry…)

  • Took another inevitable piss by the Acropolis in a bush in Athens, Greece – Here we go again…

  • We vaguely remember drinking whiskey and dancing to Irish music in the Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland – Sure it happened, right?

  • Hiked up and ran down on the Volcano Etna in Sicily

  • Wondered into a local fiesta in Palermo, Sicily and bought a weird sandwich from a guy looked like Tony Soprano

  • Levi proposed as a US Navy Sailor by the River Thames with a poem in Spanish (none of us speaks Spanish, but it sounds romantic) in London

  • Hiked in the mountains and dipped in natural hot springs in Iceland

  • Drove around the mountains in Mallorca, also reversed on its motorway and went against the oncoming traffic on a one-way road for a short distance, without ending up in the news

  • Rode a scooter first time ever in Barcelona, immediately on the motorway with the two of us

  • Got shocked in the Sex Museum in Amsterdam and tried to forget it with beers in Bruges the next day

  • Went to The Greatest Showman singalong in the Prince Charles Cinema and saw the original Hair Broadway musical in the Westend, London – #goosebumps

  • Laughed out loud how unstoppably bloated we were during a walk in Monaco (it was very much noticeable)

  • Glamorously had an ice cream in Cannes and found one of our happy places in Nice

  • Volunteered with Under One Sky to help homeless in London`s streets, spent nights out with them

  • Pretended to be the emperor in the Colosseum in Rome

  • Attended to a traditional Indian wedding on Remy`s and Ricky`s big day

  • Drove around and waterbiked in Europe`s Grand Canyon, the Gorge Du Verdon in France

  • Hiked the Bärenschützklamm in the Almenland in Austria

  • Volunteered teaching English at the Refugee Resource Centre in London

  • Got goosebumps as we walked the same path as the ancient Olympians to the track in the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium in Athens

  • Fed hundreds of small fish with our skin in the Lake Vouliagmeni in Greece

  • Casually had showers in waterfalls in Phuket, Thailand

  • Visited and volunteered in the Jungle in Calais when the refugee crisis peaked

  • Ran away from Zombies in the 28 Days Later, interactive Secret Cinema show in London

  • Baked bread in the hot ground in Iceland, hiked on glaciers

  • Fought for our food with monkeys in Gibraltar. We lost.

  • Walked the Caminito Del Rey in Spain (refurbished but still…with the fear of heights)

  • Flew with a WWII aircraft (only Szilvi, Levi is a chicken)

  • Camped in the cold, wet and awfully muddy October in England and had the best and most inspirational time at Yestival with true adventurers – in 2017 and helped organizing it in 2018

  • Fed Elephants in Thailand and hiked its highest mountain

  • Semi-unexpectedly swam (then played drama queens) with sharks in Phi-Phi Island, Thailand

  • Trained Muay Thai, broke bones, actually mine in Thailand

  • Watched Muay Thai in the Rajadamnern Stadium, the oldest one in Thailand

  • Climbed the Three Peaks in the UK

  • Supervised hundreds of kids in summercamps in Hungary

  • Sang the tune “Always” on Bon Jovi concert together in the Hyde Park

  • Cheered on the Hungarian football team against England in the Wembley Stadium

  • Bought cheap tickets from dealers (scalpers) to see Lenny Kravitz, Evanescence, James Blunt, Slash in the famous Hammersmith Apollo in London

  • Walked around the rocks of Stonehenge

  • Cheered on friends in the London Marathon

  • Checked out how small Shakespeare and those people were at his home museum in Stratford-Upon-Tent, they had tiny houses

  • Randomly got a 1-minute role in the interactive show, The Faulty Towers Dining Experience in London

  • Got married, our service was given by the best friend

  • Screamed like a girl in the zorbing ball (Levi) in England

  • Fed tigers in the Whipsnade Zoo in England

  • Did magic in the Harry Potter – Warner Brothers Studio

  • Woke up to the nicest view by the Jurassic Coastline in our Vauxhall Zafira, while exploring the South of England

  • Dropped people`s jaws by SUP-ing on the canal in London

  • Cleaned the canal (20K) with a waterbike in England

  • Camped and shivered with a bunch of positive thinkers without tents on Summer Solstice in England

  • Crossed the famous Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and jumped on every stone in the Giant`s Causeway, Northern-Ireland

The “Lust For Life” Mentality

The goal of life is not to relax on the beach, sipping mojitos all day. The purpose is to find something you love that also adds value to the world.
— Benjamin Foley

It’s about exploring ourselves and the world, trying something new instead of settling, living outside of the comfort zone and training our minds to be open, flexible, positive, because we know that there is much more to this story. We don’t want to just pass through the years here. It’s about creating a life what we really want.

Somewhere along the way we realized that this is it. That’s the one life we have (or at least according to today’s science), there’s no second chance. We don’t get the lost opportunities back, we don’t get the lost days back, we can’t do it better next time. We can’t be sure if there’s tomorrow. We have to make it now. We have to find and follow our own ways and can’t go with the crowd if we want more. It’s not about courage or will. It’s simply questioning ourselves, our beliefs, our intentions and facing our inner truth. If you get to this point, there is no excuse that can stop you get going.

The Blog

We’re happy to share our ups and downs, the failures and the happy moments.

That’s where the blog comes in. And why not write it together? You can easily realise whose thoughts you're reading by the style: Szilvi's always typed in Italic. I’m the one who likes storytelling and going into details. This way it`s really ours and both of us are represented, so that you can see how we work together. Like a couple-project. I’m (Levi) in the clouds and she’s more down-to-Earth being my rock.

We always listen to and support each other in whatever crazy idea we have and it works perfectly fine. We don’t hold each other back at all, whoever is leading our team is pulling the other one.

We meet in the middle, we're in balance. We create our life together.


There are things that I just need to work out of my system and share them, pass them on for the good.

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"Happiness is the measure of success"

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And we know we can’t go back again
To the world that we were living in
’Cause we’re dreaming with our eyes wide open
So, come alive!
— Come Alive - The Greatest Showman