Living in Harmony

Another year passed, and I have to face now what I managed to do last year and what’s getting carried forward to 2019. Never mind, now I’m even more determined than I was last year and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a great year!


My key word is HARMONY! Most importantly I’d like to use this year to find the harmony in all aspects of my life. Regarding sport, eating, work, pleasure and so on.

Reading Levi’s post I realized that we have many goals in common, which is good if you’re together with someone 24/7. This way we can support each other and keep track on the other’s progress.

  • So, this year one of my biggest goals is to find myself – not like I’m lost- and get my health back on track. I’ve lived a pretty healthy lifestyle in the last decade, however I missed some signs my body sent me screaming and now I can see the result. I could make a physio therapist a millionaire to fix all these problems on me. Important note people! Learn how to squat and run properly and save your spine and body from injuries I had.

  • Following on the body subject, I’ve been to several yoga classes since I’m here and I just love it! Every time I leave the class with a huge smile on my face when I managed to achieve a new position. My goal is to be able to do the crow  (see on the picture) and the handstand. I’m terrified being upside down, so the handstand will be a really out of my comfort zone pose. I was hoping to learn it last year, I can’t get out of it any longer.

  • The other big one is my inner balance. Starting with eating healthy, exercising the right way, getting off of the pill and getting my hormonal balance back. I’m a freak when it comes to pills, but it’s time to let this go and get the control back over my body. I’m very excited to find out how my body will react to this cleansing, I’m very positive I’m making a good move. I think many ladies out there know what I’m talking about: all the side effects, like digestive problems, hair loss, mood swings and that extra 5 kilos you can’t get rid of… So, I will try something new and tell you later how it’s working out.

  • As Levi is really into meditation, I started following his good example and take 5-10 minutes in the morning to meditate. I need a lot to practice, so I’d like to keep doing this and be able to meditate for 15 minutes minimum. Sometimes I’m struggling with 5 minutes to stay still, but I know it will help a lot to learn how to concentrate, and this is how I start working on that.

  • Same as his goal again, reading books is really important, so I decided to read 5 books this year, specifically chosen to help reaching my other goals.

  • Regarding the finding myself part, I mean to find out what I’m really interested in and concentrate on that. Recently I’m inbetween ideas and projects, and I can’t get any of these finished properly. Oh, I hate this word… I need to find my niche. This is a difficult part. First of all, I’m making a list of what I’m good at, what I could be good at, and what’s not for me at all. From this I’m hoping to simplify all these ideas and not being discursive that much.  In 2019 I’d like to start my/our business - whatever it will be – which by the end of this year will make enough money that I don’t have to touch my savings. Even something would seem a good match for me, but I’m not interested in that, I will let that go.


So, this is my list for this year. Might not seem a big deal for some, but for me a few are life changing. And I believe all these are connected to each other, we can’t reach that harmony if our life if we feel something is wrong or missing?! I would like to be a more patient and balanced woman. If any of you would like to join me to achieve any of these goals, just let me know. It’s always great to support each other, even if it’s the smallest thing for others, could have a huge impact in your life.

Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body, and soul measured in tender peaceful moments.
— Melanie Koulouris
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