Let's move to Thailand!

A new chapter begins soon, a brand-new life and we will close this amazing 9 years in London…

We're moving to Asia to live there and around the world in the next few years. I know, it's crazy, but we love it!

We'll try to post more often and will write together as we're in it together. You can easily realise whose thoughts you're reading by the style: Szilvi's always typed in Italic.

And I’m the one who likes storytelling and going into details.


I don't know whose idea it was to leave everything behind and move to somewhere exotic but I think it was mine. Yes, I'm usually the dreamer, the believer, my head is often in the clouds. Szilvi is more down-to-earth. But this is the perfect combo. I make her believe, I push and pull her to be a fairy and to live the magic. She looks after me, supports me and makes sure I don't go too far. She is my rock. We meet in the middle, we're in balance. We create our life together.

We always listen to and support each other in whatever crazy idea we have and it works perfectly fine. We don’t hold each other back at all, whoever is leading our team is pulling the other one.

I think the word "adventure" is horribly overused and degraded but let me call this an Adventure. Living in different countries, in totally different cultures, starting a family who knows where and not knowing where we're going to end up, yes, it's not the usual stuff. I know that in our age we should settle and do all sorts of things that most people do. I've been listening to these opinions and ideas for more than 10 years but I know only a handful of people being actually truly happy with the "normal life".


If I think about “Do I want to work in an office forever and do the same routine all over again every day?” I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but I’ve seen too much already for not craving for a holiday-like life. Yes, it’s possible to “live a life you don’t need a holiday from”.

Here is how I see it: every day go to a job that you don't need to love, have the same conversations, have mortgage, buy a house and "stuff", praise the weekends, use 20-25 days annual leave to go on holidays (if you can afford), do this for 30-40 years, hope for freedom, good health and pension in your last years and blame the weather, the politics and all sorts of groups for your struggles. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, we'll try to make a living while being "on the road" and in the long run, we keep working to be location independent.

And where is it we’re ending up? We don’t even know yet exactly. All we planned is the first stop in Thailand and we will see the rest from there. I believe it’s something we will be good at, moving around, experiencing new cultures, food, meeting new people and making even more friends. All is up to us and at least it’s not something we were forced into by society.

Dear World and Freedom, here we come.

Szilvi and Levi

Szilvi and Levi are an adventurous couple, who stepped on to the constant improvement's path, feeding their lust for a life that rocks. While seeking their purpose, starting from a small Hungarian town, th.jpg

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