Invest In Yourself -Part 2

Part 2

If you missed the first part of this post, click HERE.
It's always a bit of a hassle to pick up new habits. It takes time, it changes a lot of things in your routine, you might need to give up other things in exchange for it and not to mention the energy (oooh and the willpower) you need to put into it. So, why? Hah! Why not? Do you seriously think that it is enough to go to work, earn money and the rest will work out itself? Or if you're retired then all you think is "That's it" and you're just going down and you can't achieve more and you can't enjoy more of this show?
Don't you have dreams? If you want to achieve those, if you want to live more, if you want to be more confident and successful or just simply happier then you need to work for yourself. You need to change routines, YOU need to change. Some things are simple, some might take a bit more effort. I already tried to convince you about investing yourself and giving 7 of my ways to do it in my last post HERE.
We all want to live life to the fullest, just remember the kid you use to be with full of dreams and nothing looked impossible. We all had that mindset. But along the way somehow we tend to lose it, 'rational illusions' (isn't it paradox?) to have a "proper life" and to make money (the biggest mislead) get us. I'm fighting for myself. At the moment I can't afford to go to university but I have my own ways to be a better version of myself day-by-day. I  set smaller and bigger challenges to build confidence, I try to get outside more to reconnect with myself, read more, travel more. I look after my body, I attend on workshops, trainings, talks and work on my creativity (e.g. this website and blog).
There are a few more things I picked up as a habit during the past years, a few more ideas that you can go for, try them:

  1. Turn off the TV, radio and other screens - Information diet. You don't need the news, 90% of it simply is irrelevant, nothing to do with you. So, do you need the stress and to waste time? You'll never use that information apart from scaring yourself and others around you. Believe me, you're not going to miss anything as you can't avoid the mainstream headlines and if you're really interested in something you can look it up online. The other TV programs? Let`s not even talk about it...worthless sh*t. Same with phones and other screens. Unnecessary facebooking, watching funny (stupid) videos, spending hours with video-games are just not going to move you forward and you can miss the reality around you. Spend less time with bullsh*t. Now, just give a hug to the one next to you, doesn't matter if you're on the bus.

  2. Morning routine – It`s not just for overall well-being but for preparing for your day and to get persistent in the long run. Take time for yourself. For example: Stretch for a few minutes, drink a big glass of tea (I drink matcha green tea), have a shower (cold for the last minutes), meditate for 10-20 minutes, remind yourself how good your life is with 3 simple and nice thoughts, memories that happened in the past 24 hours and be grateful. Set your mood and goals for the day. Have a nutritious breakfast. Do not look at your phone in the first hour at least.

  3. Meditate – It`s not just a magical ritual of the rising sun`s monks anymore. It`s easy, practical and can be done in 10-20 minutes. Just be here and now, be mindful. Tips HERE. Why should you do this? To lower your stress, to improve your concentration,to process emotions better, to be more confident, to improve your memory, to be happier, to increase self awareness, to slow down aging (or even reverse it), to benefit cardiovascular and immune health. It's a little 'Me time'. Just relax, breathe and enjoy.

  4. Choose to be happy – Yes, it is a choice. Of course it`s more than just watching a few motivational videos or reading a few quotes about it. You have to work on it. All the other bullet points on this list can help you achieve it. You can definitely rewire your brain to have a positive attitude. It takes time, you have to use different techniques but overtime you`ll realize that you enjoy your life more than ever and can overcome adversity easily. Don`t forget: „What you practise grows stronger.” There should be a separate chapter for it, right?

  5. Volunteer - Every time we do something for someone else, we grow, we do something for ourselves, too. It's good for your self-worth. Other than helping others (and with this ourselves), it's educational, you can learn about compassion, you can see more from life itself and can appreciate more what you have and the beauty in living, caring and giving.

  6. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people, find a mentor – A good mentor can help you define your goals and put the strategies into action. Good friends also. It`s good when you have some assistance to make sure you`re not wasting your time. Having someone to push you through your boundaries and inspire you can be your joker card. These people can be good friends or one of your favourite writers, athletes, performers who has already been through this cycle. Just be brave and contact your „idol”. It`s an open world now. Find your people, find the ones who can inspire you, the ones who are happy for your success. Know who your leaders are, "people who are smarter than you, who have gone further than you".

  7. Work on your dreams. It`s like a bucket list. It can give your life a meaning, a purpose or can just simply spice it up. These are the things you`d like to achieve, the things you`d like to experience, the places you`d like to visit and see, things you want to feel or do. Be ready, once started, it`s a never ending story.

01 ghandi-find-yourself-in-the-service-of-others1.jpg

There are ways to be more, to get those childhood dreams back on track and it's never too late. Personally I'm always excited about the future, about what's to come. Good to be nostalgic sometimes but it's not worth crying over it and giving up on the good times. The past is done. Enjoy remembering to the nice moments, learn from the mistakes but you have to embrace what's about to come while living in the moment. What could be more exciting than our future? The future that we shape for ourselves? The new "good times" and memories that we can create? The new people who we can come across? The places we can see? New feelings, more laughs, new chances, opportunities? The challenges we can face and overcome? Life itself is not a trap. The trap is to think you can just sit back and watch it because there is nothing you could do about it. It's all down to you. You are the star of your own movie and guess what? You are the writer and the director, too.
Let me know what you think or feel free to give me tips to try. I have a lot to learn and a lot to work on.


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