Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself - part 1

It's that time of the year when many people come to the realization that the enthusiasm of the New Year's resolution has faded or disappeared and they are back to "normal", nothing has really changed.


It takes a different mindset to achieve more. You have to change your thinking, your routine. Of course it's easier to hop in front of the TV or the Playstation after work. It's easier to have a few drinks and find excuses why it is just not worth it and explaining why your life is good as is. But there are many ways to improve yourself and have a better quality of life. There are many ways to change your future. If you do the same things today that didn't work yesterday or the day before or in the previous years it is pretty much guaranteed that you're not moving forward. 
Not trying to reach your full potential is simply a crime. As far as we know we have only one life, there is no tomorrow or "next time". If you fuck up now, you're wasted.
It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, or if you have kids, investing time and energy allows you to be the best version of yourself. For yourself and for your family. Why is it good? It slows down your aging, it gives you a less stressed life, you can be successful, more attractive and healthier, you can have a better job with better salary, maybe a better partner and can have more fun. It simply leads to a better future, to a life what you can look back on proudly. You owe yourself this. The funny thing: it doesn't need to be expensive.

  1. Build your confidence with smaller and bigger challenges - Set easily achievable goals to make yourself feel good. You need to keep your self-worth level above the negative all the time. Sometimes you should just go big. It can be a marathon in Uganda (haha) or anything what you have to work for. It can be as simple as walking around your favourite (big) lake in a few days self supported. Anything.

  2. Attend on workshops, trainings - it can be a fun cookery class, a self-help workshop or anything what you're interested in. Listen to different music, attend performances, go to amateur theatres, go to talk nights. Sometimes just engage in conversations with those who disagree with you (just avoid the stupid ones, they're overconfident in their stupidity and can't understand your pros or cons). Watch TED talks.

  3. Get outside more - nature is the answer for everything. Not to mention it's healthy. It can be just a walk alongside the nearest canal or in the forest or you can cycle around the globe, what matters is that it gives you the chances to reconnect with your true self. The simplest: spend a night in a tent, even if it's raining.

  4. Work on your creativity - Learn a new language, take on an online course, buy a new cookbook, write a story, play an instrument, go to a book club, make jewelry, paint, design clothes, etc. You can do anything that can make you learn or create something new. It doesn't matter how silly it is, just have fun.

  5. Take care of your body, this is where you live - If you fuck it up, then that's it, you die. Exercise - Make your body work and sweat. You know the obvious results (you can be strong, healthy, good looking, you can lose weight, protect your joints, slow down your aging, etc), but what I really like in pushing myself (even when I hate just the thought of leaving my comfy couch) is that it gives you mental strength, especially good for willpower and mental endurance, not to mention confidence. Take a sport class, it's fun to sweat together (No, not just the naughty way) and you can make new friends and have people around you who are most likely positive and help your way around. Eat healthier. You all should know this by now what to eat and how to eat, etc. You don't want to die young or live in the slow lane just because you're done. Cheer up, there is plenty of delicious healthy food available now. Personally I love Szilvi's oats and cottage cheese rolls for sandwiches (instead of bread). Make sure you feel good in your skin. Get a nice haircut, wear something that makes you confident and attractive. Wear a nice perfume. The point is to have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest constantly all the time and to feel yourself good in your skin. According to science the human body is built to last for 190 years, we just don't take a good care of this. By the way, I'm a child?

  6. Travel, explore, but don't be a lazy tourist – Through escaping from everyday stress in life you learn about other cultures, about other people, get a deeper understanding about the world and expand your mind. Get healthier, sharper, fitter, happier. Not to mention your increased life expectancy and the cool stories. It takes a bit more than just hanging around the pool or on the beach and getting drunk by midday. But with a bit of researching, organizing and scheduling you can manage to get so much out of it and have life long experiences and memories.

  7. Read - not just fictions but educational books, articles, publications, blogs. It can be anything if it relates the skills or talent you want to go for. Reading books in a language you're currently learning can be even more effective. (I've read a few self-help and body language books in English years ago.)


Open your mind, try new things regularly. If you like something new, stick with it. But don't be small minded, and leave those ones behind, they`re not for your best interest. Follow these and you`ll never sweat the small stuff again. Don't forget: Comfort is the biggest enemy of progress!


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