Yestival 2017


A festival. No, not a drinking nor a music one. But this doesn't mean we didn't have some fun. 
A festival, a weekend of camping with adventurers, doers, with more than 400 like-minded fellas who love to Say Yes More to life. Hoooold on! Camping? Who the hell goes camping in October in England? And you pay for it? Haha. It's cold, windy, rainy. Yes, it was all of this...and muddy, terribly muddy. So, what else is there? Unbeatable and inspiring positivity.
Hold on, again. Positivity? What is that? I'm Hungarian. To me don't say things like positivity, thinking outside the box or even acting on it. These are just not the regular sh*t.
Ok, then we spent that weekend with storm Brian on a field. And you know what? It was one of the best weekends of our lives. Why? Not just because our tent survived the storm and we didn't catch a cold (even after the bare-feet party) but we didn't have to listen to the same and boring conversations about meaningless restaurant visits, or about the latest Iphones, or about the new dress you just bought, or about holidays where you just hang around the pool (and miss the show), or about boring tv programs, or how dangerous life is in general (according to the news) because of terrorism and Brexit, or what new unnecessary thing you bought from the money you earn in a job that you hate (Everything is awesome).


In seven tents and on one converted Yesbus (HQ) and by the campfire there were talks, workshops and even comedies. We heard stories from fantastic people about never giving up even if you got paralyzed just a year ago (now kayaking under the British Paralympic squad's flag, awesome Darren!), through changing the world by running through Iran to prove that the so called terrorists are more peaceful than we think (Kristina Palten) or climbing Mount Everest as a formerly very self-limited, shy and unfit woman, or living life as a young woman with Parkinson's desease and preparing for her stand-up comedy debut (?), (awesome Emma) and so many others. Do you know those moments when at one point the audience is so quite you could hear a pin drop and in the next one, there is standing ovation? Wow! We were in tears quite a few times caused by laughing so hard or by the deeply emotional speeches and confessions, and enlightenments. Ok, I tried to control myself and I think I made it. You know, I just don't cry in front of Szilvi. I know, stupid macho thing...


The whole weekend was so uplifting, motivating and gave us the feeling that we're not alone with our suspicion that something is not ok with the mediocratic life we meant to live. Thanks, Dave for comforting us. Yes, we have to leave some of our closest people behind, not everybody wants to come on this path.

Though we were mostly just observing here (as this athmosphere is just so new to us) we even improved our vocabulary with phrases like "kindness of strangers", or "Say Yes More". There were so many reminders and lessons that we have to use to get the required mindset to be able to transfer our dreams into goals and achieve them:
"Don't let negativity turn you down. Stay inspired."
One of my favourites: "Stay weird." 
And some more:
"Choose your friends, they represent what you stand for.
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.
Follow the things that make you smile and find your passion.
1% improvement every day.
Never give up, never postpone, tomorrow becomes never. Adventure! Don't prioritize money, don't make decisions based on money. Passion and path first, money will follow. 
The best things in life aren't things. Time is our greatest currency.
Just f*cking do it! JFDI! Just put one foot in front of the other. Say Yes and then work it out afterwards.
Don't compare yourself to others, you only become bitter or vain.
Don't feel guilty if you don't own your own flat yet. Maybe you have to celebrate your 75th birthday in the same tiny flat that you're currently hold up in to.
Open your eyes and have a good time. Let people know what they mean to you."
Even if you're not sure whether you're at the right place at the right time (e.g. us, foreigners) or want to do things completely different and you're not happy, it's all down to you to make the first step and change. Until you get there, during your journey you just need to open your eyes, appreciate the things around you, go and explore, adventure and know that you're not alone.
The new goal (not a dream) for us is this:


More about the Yestival:


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