Best of 2017

Oh, yes, another good year. A bit lazy on uploading everything but still not a bad image about our 2017`s Pictures Folder.


Started off with a surprisingly good weekend in New Forest, filled with walks, watching horses, ponies and deer. Short after this we attended on our first Yes Stories Night and started saying “Yes” to challenges. The most exciting parts of my 2017 were those months leading up to the Uganda Marathon. We started running, learning how to build a website and blog, how to film and document the whole training and our incredible time in Uganda. It had a huge impact on us. Just check out the summary here (with video).
And the safari as a wedding anniversary (with a marathon)? Watching animals in their natural wild home? Wow! Oh, by the way, we`re back in Uganda in 2018 to work and volunteer and not as runners.


But there were other fantastic highlights, too: Spent family time in the Danube Bend and in Tokaj (Hungary), met old friends in Budapest, Kazincbarcika, Debrecen, Szuhakálló (Hungary), a little music festival in Hungary (Campus),  finally climbed the Ben Nevis in Scotland on a beautifully sunny day, saw Guns 'n' Roses in concert twice: once in London, once in Prague with my brothers and Szaki (that was sooo awesome),took Szilvi to the Warner Bros Studios to see how Harry Potter movies were made and then took her to her flying experience with a WWII plane, spent hiking-camping-exploring weekends at the Jurassic Coast, the Cotswolds, Cheddar Gorge, Cornwall, went to watch rally in Wales with a good friend and had my best sleep in a car ever, found hidden gems and secluded beaches around Nice in France, finally had the chance to properly host my younger brother (and his Timi) and show them around. I also did a course and got a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) which is a huge achievement with my "broken" English. But at least I was pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.


Szilvi has started attending Crossfit trainings and she is really good. I carried on meditating each morning, watching, reading and learning about how society is shaped by the media, became a bit of a Ted Talk junkie, trying to use mindfulness and other knowledge about self-awareness to practically live a better and more meaningful life.
Another big event for us was the Yestival where we camped and spent a weekend with 400 others on a field in England and were participating in workshops, listening to real adventurers and travelers. That weekend was worth way more than any big-name motivational speaker`s empty bullsh*t. That was real.
Oh, and Szilvi finally did her first “Girls Trip” in Norway for a weekend. I wanna go too to explore and hike to somewhere, drop me a line if you`re interested.
This year was a milestone. I welcomed challenges, shaped my mindset and seemingly got closer to myself and started pursuing a life what I (We) really want. A bit outside of the box with loads of challenges and adventures. Hopefully this year was a stepping stone and only the beginning of our extraordinary journey.
Happy New Year to everyone! I raise my glass especially to the ones who let themselves to be inspired, to the ones who actually inspire others and to the ones who dare to think, act different and live life to the fullest. Open your mind but more importantly your heart and you'll see that something truly fantastic is just about to happen. Take it, whatever it may be!


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