The extraordinary 2018

You know the drill: Szilvi writes in Italic, Levi is well…normal.

When I closed our 2017 I declared that a stepping stone and the beginning of an extraordinary journey.


Hell, yes, only the beginning. Here we are, a year later living in Thailand and loving it! The word “extraordinary” became one of my favourite, a little bit describing and guiding us through the whole year. Just like “courage”, “sacrifice”, “appreciation” and The Greatest Showman.

I’m getting my thoughts together to summarize what a great year 2018 was. Instead of giving you a list of stuff we’ve done, I will give you the motives and thoughts behind these.

We’ve had this idea for many years, about an ideal life we would like to achieve one day. You know, when you’re on a holiday somewhere nice and you say “Ok, I could live here”. So, we thought why not? It shouldn’t be only a dream, let’s discover the tools we need to implement this idea.  The list of places we like is too long, so we went even further: Let’s move around and not settle in one place for more than a few months.

Photo:  David Altabev

Courage. This attitude and behaviour led us to start thinking different, living a bit different. I always wanted to be the person who has extraordinary stories to tell and now I have a year behind me with a decent line-up: a holiday in Thailand and in Hungary, getting involved with the YesTribe, with The Waterbike Collective and being Crew member of the Yestival, camping in winter and bivying in summer, starting SUPing in the canal, teaching English (volunteering) to truly awesome people, hosting-inspiring-travelling in England with family, travelling to Africa to help organising the Uganda Marathon, spending wedding anniversary in Zanzibar, quitting my job, getting rid of everything and starting a new life in South-East Asia, etc. Cool, right? But without courage none of these would`ve happened. Not a step. Ok, maybe the holiday.

Ordinary people don’t give up their security. But extraordinary people are willing to trade security and safety for the freedom to finally live a truly magnificent life.
— Anthony Moore

Dreaming about living in a place like this is normal, but when you have to take action, most of the people find an excuse why this isn’t the right time, or how decent their life is already, no changes needed. So making the first step is being brave enough to make the decision.


Never stop dreaming though, otherwise you won’t feel the need to break out of the ordinary. Just because no one did it around you, don’t be afraid to be different and show them how it’s done. I’ve got the word “brave” a lot. Probably their second thought was “fool”, but hey, I’m the one living in Asia now and able to decide which way my life is going.

For many, the power of their excuse is more powerful than the power of their dreams.
— Robert Kiyosaki

Sacrifice. Whatever you do, you have to pay the price. All what we did, what we achieved or what we got ourselves into had its price. It was money (like now we`re living off our savings), time, extra energy, extra work (mostly on ourselves) or being missed out on family events, being far from them, getting rid of negative people (sometimes friends) or accepting that not everybody around us will understand, support, accept us or even come with us, not to mention realizing and appreciating our efforts.


We have to be self-motivated and accept the fact that we don’t have that certain income every month. I understand not everyone wants to live like this. However, I have this urge to change people’s thinking around me. Even with the best intensions, I can’t, and it frustrates me so badly that how much happier they could be if they would listen to me just a little bit. Not everyone has to choose this path, but the one it gives them more happiness. I guess I have to accept that I don’t have to save everyone, but it would be enough feedback for me that I’m actually not crazy. I wish I could give something back this way.

Appreciation. Achieving your goals is not only down to focusing on them. It`s paying attention to the process, to appreciate and evaluate the small successes, steps and the failures along the way, reviewing your feedbacks. From time to time you have to stop for a moment before you keep moving forward. If for nothing else than just to enjoy the results. It`s self-awareness, being conscious about life and living in the present.

I’m so lucky – not sure if it’s the best word – to be part of the UGM team this year, it was just unbelievable. Being one of the key figures in this organization was a huge thing for me and I’m still very proud that they put their trust in me as a foreigner. I’ve always wanted to prove that yes, I’m worthy and capable of doing this. Sometimes it still surprises me when I’m treated as “equal”, I guess it’s from my Hungarian attitude, which I’m fighting all the time to lose.


The other significant step for me was working with the Yes Tribe on the Yestival, one of the best and most emotional experiences of the year. And I’m so proud of Levi, getting his courage to speak in front of a few hundred people, even if it’s for a minute, it’s huge. Honestly, how many of us would be brave enough to do this?! Not me, not yet…

 The Greatest Showman. A cheesy but somehow very inspiring musical. We started the year watching this in cinema, then listening to the songs at home, then going to “Sing-along” show, then it became part of the Yestival and at the end of the day, part of our 2018.

We did it! We are one step closer to our dream life. I wish more people would follow their dreams like us and feel the way we feel now, the freedom, love and happiness.

I`m happy. Truly. With all the decisions we made and with everything we had this year, it was just wonderful. Unbelievable. It still gets better!

Have a Very Happy and Brave New Year to Everyone! We love you! Hugs!

Szilvi and Levi are an adventurous couple, who stepped on to the constant improvement's path, feeding their lust for a life that rocks. While seeking their purpose, starting from a small Hungarian town, th.jpg

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