Our London in numbers

Szilvi: Italic

Levi: normal (not sure about this)

We spent 9 years in London and it became home. There are so many things that we wouldn't have experienced without living there the way we lived.

I can't tell how much I benefited from "working” with the Under One Sky, from travelling to Africa to run the Uganda Marathon, from getting involved with the Say Yes More movement. Man, so many new things I learned about the world, about myself, about people and made quite a few, positive, interesting friends and all happened because I acted on them to bring them into my life.

The Book of Mormon Musical

The Book of Mormon Musical

The travels, the experiences helped us to change our mindsets for good. We did the math just to see the numbers. How do I feel now? I wouldn`t have imagined that I would travel so much and do all sorts of things. All of these used to be in my “If only…” box.

Bigger Concerts: 16

Bon Jovi (2x), Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Guns 'n' Roses (3x), Slash (2x), Lenny Kravitz (2x), James Blunt (2x), Maroon 5, Aerosmith, Back Street Boys (Szilvi only!)

I also want to mention Shantel (3x) small, but one of the best shows.

+ Rock Im Park Festival (Metallica, Linkin Park, Pretty Reckless, Kings of Leon)

Adventurer Zafira

Adventurer Zafira

Owned a car, the Adventurer Zafira. Typical weekend car. Really. Mileage in 2 years: 10000 miles.

Oh, I loved that car so much! How many memories belong to it, all the trips to New Forest, to Cornwall and the beautiful places we visited with it…

We climbed the 3 Peaks: Scafell Pike, Snowdonia, Ben Nevis.

Started travelling in 2012 and visited 19 countries and flew 30 times. No, Hungary is not included. That`s another 26. So we took off from England 56 times in 9 years.

That`s an average 6.22 return flights per year.

Gyms where we did Crossfit, Kettlebell, Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, general training: 19

Wales Rally GB

Wales Rally GB

Sometimes we went to cinema, probably around 200 times. Yes, we love movies. Go limitless! Also attended to interactive cinema 3 times, that`s where you`re part of the show. Amazing! We saw a few musicals in theatre, that`s 12 in total.

Went to watch WRC (World Rally Championship): 7

Slamming a medicine ball

Slamming a medicine ball

Number of places we lived in London: 7

My personal favourite was Hammersmith, love that area by the river. And my favourite flat was in Ealing, despite we had “pets” the whole year we lived there. But still, that was the first place we lived in by ourselves finally. Hah, I was naked for weeks at home.

Number of people we lived with in total: At least 35 (the ones I can quickly remember) - All Hungarians, so we have quite a good picture about "Hungarians abroad".

Number of years we lived only the two of us: 3. It`s not easy in London.

Throughout the years we took a few pictures and videos, only around 35825. I wonder how much it would take to go through them in one go, without sleep.


From time to time we ended up having too much unnecessary or unwanted clothes which we donated to different charities. That`s at least 30 medium size bags.

Towards the end, during our last weeks in London we cried…a lot. We are lucky as we were given so many hugs, too. That`s: Countless.

Now we have only the two of us for each other. Plus 1 suitcase each with a hand luggage. Isn`t it too much?

We could`ve stayed put spending our time with working and…I don`t know, something “fancy” but then I wouldn`t have this huge smile on my face right now. I still don’t get that: How did we have time to work and rest?

Szilvi and Levi

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