Levi's role play - Q&A

Thank you for taking the time answering my questions. I heard you’re about to take a big move and I’m interested how you got to this point in your life.

How did you feel when you said it out loud for the first time that you’re moving to Thailand? How did your friends and family react?


I don’t remember the first time, but I remember saying it out loud a few times ending in giggles. It’s just exciting, liberating and it feels like we’re living others’ dreams, too. I know we`re not the first ones by far doing something like this but I`m still really proud of ourselves being brave enough to act upon our dreams and going for the uncertain.

I had a wide range of reactions: “Oh my god”, “you`re going to die”, “you`re throwing away everything?!”, “are you normal?”, “it`s awesome!”, “what an adventure”, “I wish I could do that”, “you guys are so inspirational”. These are the most memorable ones.

How does it feel leaving a city you love, your friends and everything you achieved in the last 9 years? What will you miss the most?

Photo:  Spike Reid

Photo: Spike Reid

Leaving the City is difficult. I love London, slowly it became home. I`m going to miss that feeling that you can find almost everything here: sports, music, all sorts of workshops, ideas, entertainments or even to pop to the countryside is so easy. It`s weird that I don`t need that comfy life any longer that I had been working for so hard.

I`m going to miss my friends, old and new. I will really miss the Say Yes More movement. That made us feel belong. Its people with their stories, with their friendships, with their “thinking outside the box” attitude and the new experiences through them (Uganda Marathon, Yestival, etc.) gave us a new perspective which was well needed for us to be able to figure out how to “make life memorable” and achieve more. 90% of us just follow the same path without knowing what else could be there for us.

Admittedly, I cried when I said good-bye to them after Yestival, but you know this, you cried too.

Is there anything you’re afraid of? Do you have a plan B maybe?


The only thing I`m a bit afraid of is not being sure that this is the right time. We just built up a decent life here, we belong, we have new friends, new hobbies, we`re just fine and soon ready to start a family. So, it`s only the timing. Other than that, we`re going to be ok, we`re an awesome team! - fistbump -

What are the 3 main things you want to make happen in your life in the next year?

  • I want to be confidently location independent with regular income and no stress while the most difficult question in my life is: Where do I want to live next?

  • I want you to be successful as I think you have even bigger potential than I do

  • Nice constant tan

Who or what made the most impact on you to make a decision like this?

First you, I always want to impress you, make you happy and want you to achieve your full potential or even more! I love you!

Of course Dave Cornthwaite`s all-round support and his personality all have a significant part in this. Man, I`m so grateful for approaching him at Yestival last year when we were totally lost. Than the adventure planning workshop he held helped us putting ideas into action. Even the first time at Yes Stories when I heard his talk made me so hungry for an adventure that I signed up to run the Uganda Marathon. He is a little bit like a mentor to me or to us.

What would you advise to someone, who’s thinking to make the first step towards a life changing decision, but afraid of the consequences?

Just f*cking do it! Everything around us that makes us feel safe (the job, the house, the money in the bank, the governing party, you name it) are overrated and most of the times just illusions. Literally there is not much to lose, there is nothing that you can`t achieve again in case you turn back. Even if you fail that is just another lesson. At least you tried. The only thing that should scare you is not going for it, missing out your chances, settling for comfort and wasting your time here!

Thanks very much, lots to think about.

Szilvi and Levi


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