Role Play - 5+1 Q&A

Now I`m the curious journalist from the “Think Outside The Box” magazine and I`m sitting here with Szilvi trying to intimidate her with questions from our readers. Aaand scene!

How did it feel to get rid of nearly all your belongings? You`ve sold, donated and sent some of your stuff back to Hungary.

Pretty sh*t… I’m not a hoarder, but still it’s very hard to leave your personal things behind. Clothes and shoes are basic. But I will miss the shot glasses and mugs, what we got as souvenirs from our travels.The furniture and the car (camping in it), everything. The small things too, I decorated our house to make it a home. I cry every day recently, it makes me very emotional. It’s frustrating to think about what I won’t have time for in the last few days.

What was your happy thought, what helped you push through this time? You had to close 9 amazing years, you`re leaving everything behind, your job, your stuff, your friends, your safe life you built, basically everything what people usually work for.

I try to think that I’m not leaving for ever, I will meet my friends again. But it’s so hard to say good bye for now. I hope I can come back to visit them or even they could visit us, wherever we will be. We were dreaming about a life, what we are heading to now. It was a hard decision to quit my job, but at least I know it was my decision and I could have a place at the company if I stayed.

Secret Cinema - 28 Days Later

Secret Cinema - 28 Days Later

I try to recall that feeling when I was in Thailand and I imagined living there, that makes me happy. I know I will love it once I’m there. It was exciting to get my visa from the Thai Embassy, oh my, Thais everywhere. (smiles)

What is your biggest fear of your new life?

I’m afraid that it will be difficult to work from home. It’s not a holiday, I have to be careful to make enough money, I won’t be working in an office anymore and I have to motivate myself every day. I have to get used to it.

What is that you`re really looking forward to? What can you expect?

I can’t wait for that feeling when I’m confident enough to be on my own, walk on the street alone and I can feel that I’m not a tourist, I live here.

Fawlty Towers - Dining Experience

Fawlty Towers - Dining Experience

What are you going to miss the most?

Our yearly trip to Nice, English breakfast, ponies in New Forest, Halloween pumpkin carving, going to theatre, the Yes Tribe… I can find everything here, if not that doesn’t exist. I also discover things I’ve never heard of before. Like the Secret cinema (where you find out the location in the last moment and you become an “actor“ in the movie) the Fawlty Towers dining (based on the old British series, an interactive dinner and you become part of the show). I’ll miss so many things, it would be hard to make a proper list.

If you could go back to the beginning of your awesome “Londoner life”, what would you do differently?

Waking up on the seaside, in the car - “Coffee, please!”

Waking up on the seaside, in the car - “Coffee, please!”

I would be more confident is certain situations, I would step quicker, I would step out for myself, what I didn’t dare in the beginning. I could have saved many awkward situations and time, if I had acted differently.

Thank you, it`s cool, great answers! Now it`s my turn! Interview me! 

If you still have questions after reading it, just comment below, we`ll get back to you with an honest answer.

Szilvi and Levi

Crazy night - Photo Credit: All Shook Up

Crazy night - Photo Credit: All Shook Up

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